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2. Design Project:
2.1. The plan of destroyed and erected walls
Allows to work in details the sizes of all premises - rooms, kitchen, a bathroom, pantry, corridors, antechamber. The plan is actual, both for premises with a free lay-out, and for apartments in the typical houses demanding re-planning with the subsequent coordination.
The Plan of dismantle - destroyed walls and partitions.
The Plan of installation - again erected walls and partitions.
The Plan after reconstruction - the plan of re-planning with an explication of the premises, approved by the customer.
2.2. Selections
- Decoration of an interior:
Selection of finishing materials;
Selection of soft and case furniture;
Selection of kitchen furniture;
Selection of doors;
Selection of the sanitary equipment;
Selection of lighting devices;
Selection of electro technical products;
Selection of accessories;
Selection of textiles.
Demands careful study not only aesthetic, but also technical features of the project.
All power and switching wires should be in advance incorporated in the walls and ceilings, up to a stage of final finishing of a premise. It is necessary, that complex electronics was harmoniously combined with an interior, and the most important that it corresponded to a modern level and inquiries of the client.
2.4. The plan of arrangement of furniture.
One of the major plans in the project. How the furniture will be placed depends arrangement of sockets, lamps, the various equipment.
Will allow to define - whether it is possible to place this or that subject of furniture in space of premises.
The plan of arrangement of furniture.
Development of non-standard elements of an interior - appearance, cuts, schemes of units.
2.5. The plan of accommodation of an electric equipment.
Allows to define precisely quantity and an arrangement of sockets, switches, lamps, home appliances, phones, places of a conclusion of cables the Internet, etc. The Plan is closely connected with the Plan of arrangement of furniture. In this plan schemes of illumination of all premises, since rooms and kitchen stipulate, finishing a bathroom.
The plan of illumination - lighting devices with exact bindings and the list of types of used lamps.
The plan of installation of electrotechnical products - an arrangement of sockets, electro conclusions and switches, with the instruction of heights and applicabilities.
2.6. The plan of accommodation of the sanitary equipment.
Answers on questions -as the equipment in a bathroom where there will be points of connection washing and dish-washing machines on kitchen will be placed.
2.7. The plan of a floor.
In this plan are defined: what materials how and in what premises will be used on a floor of an apartment,
The Plan of a floor defines the scheme of accommodation of materials on a surface, stipulates nuances of joints of various materials.
The Plan of a floor in view of a floor covering.
Plans of an allocation of a tile
2.8. The Plan of ceilings.
The plan shows what designs will be constructed on a ceiling - light eaves, multilevel elements, etc. the Plan of a ceiling of a-design, their configuration, height of a ceiling.
2.9. Drawings of walls.
Four walls of each premise are developed in one plane. Kinds and development of an internal surface of walls of - a niche, illumination, color of walls, bindings of a decor, an arrangement of furniture along walls.
2.10. Visualization
The image of the future interior by means of 3D schedules
2.11. The sheet of furnish of premises.
The table in which materials used are brought all at repair on data design-project, their color and quantity.
2.12. The specification of finishing materials.
It is made on the basis of the sheet of finishing materials. The table in which is brought quantity of finishing materials, the name of firm-manufacturer, the name of a collection or a series, the provisional (average) cost received by us proceeding from marketing researches of price policy of firms-sellers.