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2.3. " The Clever House "
Demands careful study not only aesthetic, but also technical features of the project.
All power and switching wires should be in advance incorporated in the walls and ceilings, up to a stage of final finishing of a premise. It is necessary, that complex electronics was harmoniously combined with an interior, and the most important that it corresponded to a modern level and inquiries of the client.
The range of offered decisions includes:
2.3.1. Systems of uninterrupted power supplies 
The System of uninterrupted power supplies guarantees submission of a qualitative pressure in the house or a cottage, excepting various splashes in a pressure, filtering and stabilizing it.
2.3.2. Systems of scoring of space and relaying systems
-On the basis of pendant acoustics;
-On the basis of built in acoustics;
-With application of landscape acoustics.
2.3.3. Satellite and radio TV
Installation of aerials - reception of programs (in an analog kind), and reception of satellite digital programs.
2.3.4. Systems of display of a video information
-On the basis of plasma panels;
-With use of projectors and screens;
-On the basis of light-emitting diode panels.
2.3.5. Systems of safety
Internal systems of protection (gauges of opening entrance and balcony doors, gauges of the broken glasses, gauges of movement, a main line and the control panel;
Protection of perimeter;
Systems of video observation
The Latent video observation;
External video observation.
2.3.6. Multiroom (Intellectual control systems of premises)
The System allows to connect all variety of electronic and electric systems of the house in one harmonious and logic system, to automate their work and to facilitate management. System "Clever house " allows by means of the uniform panel or the board to operate system of ventilation, illumination, heating, audio/video sources and many other things systems.
2.3.7. House cinemas
-Budgetary, on the basis of TVs and inexpensive acoustics;
-Theatres business of a class, on the basis of plasma panels and inexpensive one-beam projectors;
-Theatres the VIP of a class on the basis of prestigious automatic screens, holographic screens of a direct and return projection, three-beam projectors and acoustics Hi-Fi and Hi-End a class.
2.3.8. Engineering systems of the clever house:
For maintenance of your comfort and safety in your dwelling it is necessary to have systems of maintenance with heat, light, water, a climate, security systems, communication systems, uninterrupted maintenance with power supplies and so forth. Tens household appliances and other complex devices are necessary also.